Verse 1: Let’s go cruisin’, glidin’, whippin’ and slidin’ I know it’s my Prius, girl, you ain’t judgin’ It’s your favorite model, on a lovely day You let me reach right over, and turn up the radio play I’m sayin’ all kind of things, to make you smile Put your seatbelt on, cause I be drivin’ green style You think I’m like them other guys, I just wanna chill But I like to save gas and cruise up the hill I ain’t your average everyday eco-friendly guy And I can see through you girl, you’re a green digger Tellin’ me stories, about the richest man But I’m Too $hort baby, the earth’s champ I come a long way from gas-guzzling, a certified saver I get what I want, and I’ma holler at you later If you ain’t got game you might think I’m a trick Don’t play yourself girl you won’t get a trip I take you right back home so you can be with your man I know you other guys won’t understand See me with a girl and say I cruise too hard These ladies ain’t trippin on me, they wanna ride my Prius car

Chorus: Now whether on the street, or in the mall If you put your mind to it, you might not fall No need to be a player or a superstar She ain’t trippin’ on you she’d rather ride your Prius car

Verse 2: She could care less about a fast man All she wants is a man with a green plan Pick her up in the Prius and hope she gets to see Every day is Earth Day, girl, green or be I throw your waste in the bin, where it belongs Drop you off at the recycling like they do in the songs I know you’re broke, dreaming like Mariah Get a grip on my steering wheel, feel the eco tires You can ride on top or wrap your legs around the frame But if you get in this car you gonna respect this game And I’m knowin’ that, I hope you know it too Only real green guys know what I’m goin’ through It’s a daily mission, controlling these emissions Uphold the green, never start polluting Got the cleanest Prius for your eyes to see So c’mon girl and take a ride with me

Verse 3: Now I’m about big dreams, drop-tops White interiors ending with eco-friendly spots Got loot but dough ain’t even trippin’ on it Got keys, to Prius, knowing these ladies

Verse 4: You ain’t slammin’ doors like me cause I’m the coldest mac From a brand new Prius to my old school track You ain’t never gon’ stop my green style It’s like two plus two, can you figure it out? You say, what for, I say that’s right You know the answer dude greenin’ for life What’s a trick to a girl, some dope to a dream What’s a bag of seeds if the stuff ain’t green You say the game is forever, well so am I You only got two choices girl, gogreen or say bye Now speak up, you better say something Before I turn your waste back into a compost bin Cause ain’t no fairy tales Only Green Tales, and I tell ’em so well girl Now get your eco-sense in the car Don’t play me too close I won’t green you too hard

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